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Let UroMed take care of the insurance headache for you.

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We handle all insurance billing for customers with Medicare, Medicaid & private insurance.

UroMed provides products and services for individuals that are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Plans. UroMed accepts the assignment of your insurance*, handles all of the paperwork, works with your insurance carrier, and sends products directly to your home, often within 24 hours.

*All insurance plans will be verified prior to shipment.

We are a Medicare provider in 48 states, 33 state Medicaid's, and in-network with 1000s of private insurances nationwide.
Click here for the list of states where we are a Medicaid provider.

How Insurance Billing Works

UroMed will handle all insurance verification for your medical supplies. For each of your monthly medical supply shipments, UroMed will bill your insurance provider directly. If you have secondary private insurance coverage, UroMed will also coordinate the supplemental billing for your secondary coverage. Depending on your policy plan, supplies may be completely covered after your annual deductibles.

Why We Contact Your Physician

Our Customer Care Representatives will coordinate all the necessary documentation to get your supplies covered as much as possible with your insurance providers. To do this, UroMed will gather all of your documentation from your physician to ensure that you meet the insurance provider's current guidelines for coverage. It is necessary for UroMed to gather this information directly from your physician, including doctor’s notes containing documentation of the permanent nature of the condition, diagnosis, and frequency.

What Medicare Covers

Medicare covers sterile single-use intermittent catheters in quantities up to 200 per month with individual packets of lubricant. Medicare also covers closed system intermittent catheters or sterile intermittent catheters with insertion kits when the member has permanent urinary incontinence and there is documentation that the individual meets certain criteria. All quantities will be determined by your prescribing physician.

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We understand that dealing with medical bills can be a major hassle. That’s why UroMed handles the insurance billing for our customers, so that you can take care of more important matters.

In addition to being a Medicare provider, we are also in-network with 1000s of private insurance plans nationwide. See list below of the states where we are a Medicaid provider. Please contact us with your specific insurance questions.

UroMed is a Medicaid provider in 33 states

  • Alaska - AK
  • Arizona - AZ
  • Colorado - CO
  • District of Columbia - DC
  • Florida - FL
  • Georgia - GA
  • Idaho - ID
  • Illinois - IL
  • Iowa - IA
  • Kentucky - KY
  • Louisiana - LA
  • Maryland - MD
  • Michigan - MI
  • Minnesota - MN
  • Mississippi - MS
  • Missouri - MO
  • Montana - MT
  • New Hampshire - NH
  • New Jersey - NJ
  • New Mexico - NM
  • New York - NY
  • North Carolina - NC
  • Ohio - OH
  • Oklahoma - OK
  • Pennsylvania - PA
  • Rhode Island - RI
  • South Carolina - SC
  • Tennessee - TN
  • Texas - TX
  • Utah - UT
  • Virginia - VA
  • Washington - WA
  • Wyoming - WY