UroMed Provides Enemeez for Bowel Management Programs

by Allison

UroMed provides intermittent catheters and other medical supplies to people with chronic conditions like Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis.  While the majority of our customers know about our extensive line of urology and continence care products, many don’t realize that UroMed can also assist with home delivery for bowel management program supplies and other specialty products.

enemeezOne of those products is Enemeez®, a a 5ml mini-enema of Docusate Sodium in Polyethylene Glycol base that is dispensed using a soft latex-free tube. Manufactured by Alliance Labs, Enemeez® is effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury and disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, long-term care, stroke and constipation associated with oncology or opioid treatment.

20% of UroMed customer care representatives have a disability or a family member with a disability.

20% of UroMed customer care representatives have a disability or a family member with a disability.

Many customers ask us what is required to process their insurance for the purchase or fulfillment of their Enemeez® prescription.  UroMed may be able to assist you in the following states with processing your insurance coverage for the Enemeez® product.




As a caring partner in your continuing care, UroMed is uniquely skilled at assisting with your bowel care management needs.  Many UroMed customer care team members either use a wheelchair themselves or have family members with a disability.

UroMed handles monthly insurance billing for customers who have Medicare/Medicaid, and in-network with thousands of private insurance plans nationwide.

Please contact our Customer Care Team directly with any questions you may have about including Enemeez® with your monthly order. Call 1-800-841-1233 or visit www.uromed.com  for immediate assistance. Dedicated, bilingual customer representatives are available.



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