• Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Catheter control guide for easy use
  • Choice of red rubber or vinyl
  • Large, tapered collection bag

The BARD® TOUCHLESS® Plus Intermittent catheter system is a closed system kit that offers a pre-lubricated catheter with patented finger guide. Developed for sterile intermittent catheterization, the TOUCHLESS® Plus closed system helps to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

The BARD® TOUCHLESS® Plus Intermittent catheter system is available with either red rubber or vinyl catheters based upon your preference and needs.  With a variety of catheter sizes, the BARD® TOUCHLESS® Plus Intermittent catheter system also comes with or without accessories.

BARD® TOUCHLESS® Plus has the following helpful features:

  • Pre-lubricated catheter reduces discomfort during insertion.
  • Insertion tip to correctly positions the catheter in the urethra to help reduce UTIs.
  • Catheter cap has pull ring for easy removal.
  • Catheter control guide allows control of catheter insertion with your fingers.
  • The collection bag’s tapered neck design decreases cuts and scrapes associated with sharp corners.
  • Large 1100cc collection bag is durable, virtually eliminating the risk of leaks.

TOUCHLESS® Plus accessories include 3 PVI swabs, 2 latex-free gloves, and an underpad.

Contact us to request a sample of the BARD® TOUCHLESS® Plus closed system at no cost!

Item # Description
BA4A5108 8 fr, kit
BA4A5110 10 fr, kit
BA4A5142 12 fr, kit
BA4A5144 14 fr, kit
BA4A5042 12 fr, red rubber, kit
BA4A5044 14 fr, red rubber, kit
BA4A7044 14 fr, red rubber, coude