• Adhesive Seal
  • Style Variations
  • Breathable Material for Ultimate Comfort

Rochester Spirit external catheters offer a diverse line of external catheters to fit the needs of all users. There are three styles to choose from. Each style features its own unique component while maintaining the trusted quality of Rochester catheters. Spirit external catheters are all comprised of silicone along with adhesive and moisture-wicking components.

Catheters are clear of color in order for users to monitor skin integrity. The breathability of the silicone material creates for comfortable wear.

Style 1– is the most traditional external catheter. It provides built-in adhesive in a length and placement found with traditional male external catheters. The soft, breathable sheath conforms to the skin.

Style 2– Combines forward adhesive technology with a 1.5” sheath. The maximum adhesive area on a short sheath provides men with a catheter for their specific needs.

Style 3– provides 70% more adhesive area than traditional self-adhering designs. Combined with patented forward placement of the adhesive, this design helps prevent accidental catheter detachment.

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Style 1
Item # Description
RM35101 Small 25mm
RM35102 Medium 29mm
RM35103 Intermediate 32mm
RM35104 Large 36mm
RM35105 X-Large 41mm
Style 2
Item # Description
RM37101 Small 25mm
RM37102 Medium 29mm
RM37103 Intermediate 32mm
RM37104 Large 36mm
RM37105 X-Large 41mm
Style 3
Item # Description
RM39101 Small 25mm
RM39102 Medium 29mm
RM39103 Intermediate 32mm
RM39104 Large 36mm
RM39105 X-Large 41mm