• Discreet – Minimal Size & Packaging
  • Complete – Sterile Bag Included
  • Ready to use
  • Hygienic & Easy – Reducing the Risk of UTI


An instantly ready-to-use hydrophilic catheter in a compact design with an integrated bag for both males and females.  It is discreet and easy to use.  Firm dry handle / connector for easy insertion.  This device is not made with natural rubber latex and is DEHP and phthalate free.  SpeediCath Compact Set is remarkably  easy to carry and use, with no need for water due to its hydrophilic coating.

People who use intermittent catheters often stay close to home because of their need for clean, accessible bathroom facilities. With the added challenges of needing various pieces of equipment—and a discreet way to carry bulky products and messy gels, the SpeediCath Compact Set’s revolutionary, yet simple design provides an easy, less time-consuming way to catheterize both in and out of the home.

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How the SpeediCath Compact Set Works

Item # Description
CO28422 Male
CO28522 Female