• PreLubricated – Just Add Water to Use
  • GripZone area for ultimate control
  • Coated Eyelets with Funnel End
  • 100% Latex Free

Self-Cath Plus for Intermittent Self-Catheterization. The hydrophilic coating activates immediately upon exposure to water – for fast, clean lubrication and maximum ease of use. The Self-Cath Plus has a unique, uncoated Grip Zone area for total control in handling.   This device is not made with natural rubber latex.

SelfCath Plus offers smooth fire polished eyelets and a funnel end for patient comfort and ease of use.  SelfCath Plus is available in a variety of sizes for men, women and children.

SelfCath Plus Soft
Also available from Coloplast, the 100% latex-free Self-Cath Soft catheter has a funnel end, and is sterile with fire-polished eyelets. It is soft for comfort, yet firmer than red rubber for easy insertion.

Originally made by Mentor, the SelfCath Plus products are now manufactured by Coloplast. The Mentor products you remember are still made the same way, only the packaging has changed to portray the Coloplast name.

Contact us to request a sample of the Coloplast SelfCath Plus at no cost!



Item # Description
MN4408 8 fr, male
MN4410 10 fr, male
MN4412 12 fr, male
MN4414 14 fr, male
MN4416 16 fr, male
MN4418 18 fr, male
Item # Description
MN4210 10 fr, female
MN4212 12 fr, female
MN4214 14 fr, female
Item # Description
MN4306 6 fr, pediatric
MN4308 8 fr, pediatric
MN4310 10 fr, pediatric
Item # Description
MN4110 10 fr, male, soft
MN4112 10 fr, male, soft
MN4114 10 fr, male, soft
MN4116 10 fr, male, soft
Item # Description
MN4808 8 fr, olive tip, guide stripe
MN4810 10 fr, olive tip, guide stripe
MN4812 12 fr, olive tip, guide stripe
MN4814 14 fr, olive tip, guide stripe
MN4816 16 fr, olive tip, guide stripe
Item # Description
MN4608 8 fr, coude, guide stripe
MN4610 10 fr, coude, guide stripe
MN4612 12 fr, coude, guide stripe
MN4614 14 fr, coude, guide stripe