• Unisex sizes
  • Complete kit supplies
  • EasyOff tear tab
  • 100% Latex Free

The Self-Cath Closed System is a unisex system that provides a method for safe, simple catheterization.  The introducer tip aids in the reduction of bacterial contamination of the catheter during insertion.  The tight seal secures the cap, protecting the introducer tip from further contamination. The ring on the cap makes it easy to remove and the EasyOff™ tear tab makes the bag easy to empty, even for users with limited dexterity.  This device is not made with natural rubber latex

The kit has an extension sleeve that lowers the need for transfers while using catheters. Self-Cath Closed System, Single Units.

The Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System Insertion Supplies Kit contains the following supplies for sterile intermittent catherization:

•Straight Tip – prelubricated catheter
•1100 cc seamless collection bag
•Povidone-Iodine swabsticks
•Instructions for use

 Contact us to request a sample of the Coloplast SelfCath Intermittent Catheter at no cost!

Item # Description
MN1108 8 fr, male, single
MN1110 10 fr, male, single
MN1112 12 fr, male, single
MN1114 14 fr, male, single
MN1116 16 fr, male, single
MN2214 14 fr, female, single
MN2114 14 fr, male, soft, single
MN2814 14 fr, olive tip, single
MN2816 16 fr, olive tip, single
MN2614 14 fr, coude, single
Item # Description
MN1008 8 fr, male, kit
MN1010 10 fr, male, kit
MN1012 12 fr, male, kit
MN1014 14 fr, male, kit
MN1016 16 fr, male, kit
MN3214 14 fr, female, kit
MN3114 14 fr, male, soft, kit
MN3814 14 fr, male, olive tip, kit
MN3816 16 fr, male, olive tip, kit
MN3614 14 fr, male, coude, kit