• Pre-lubricated
  • Easy-open ring cap
  • Sizes for men and women
  • Latex-free

The Rusch Pocket Pac ic intermittent catheter has a patented, soft silicone, introducer tip which shields the catheter through the tip of the urethral opening, bypassing the majority of urinary tract bacteria.

The Pocket Pac ic is delivered via a self-contained intermittent catheter system that is fully protected within its own closed sterile field. Pre-lubricated with a hypoallergenic water-soluble lubricant for ease of insertion, the Pocket Pac ic offers the smallest collection pouch size available as well as an easy-to-open ring cap with package perforations. The Rusch Pocket Pac ic comes in French sizes from 8 – 16 FR.

The Rusch Pocket Pac ic Kit includes:

  • Vinyl Gloves
  • BZK Antiseptic Towelette
  • Underpad
  • Gauze Tissue
  • Disposal Bag

Contact us to request a sample of the Rusch Pocket Pac ic intermittent catheter at no cost!

Item # Description
RU10096080 8 fr, male
RU10096100 10 fr, male
RU10096120 12 fr, male
RU10096140 14 fr, male
RU10096160 16 fr, male