• Hydrophilic Coating for Effortless Insertion
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free
  • Touch-free Sleeve to Maintain Grip
  • Easy burst water pouch

The PECO Clear & Free Hydrophilic Catheter with Easy Burst Water Pouch and Touch-free Sleeve is an innovative catheter designed for convenience and comfortable insertion. The catheter comes individually packaged with a water sachet included. PECO has developed a touch free sleeve on the catheter in order to aid in maintaining a secure grip, which is helpful for people with hand dexterity issues.

PECO catheters are latex-free and DEHP-free and utilize state of the art technology in order to create quality products. Their products have smooth polishes eyelets, a full spherical tip, smooth shaft and a soft funnel connector. PECO believes that these features are what make their products successful.

The PECO hydrophilic catheters with water sachets come in three lengths, male, female and pediatric. Sizes range from 8Fr-18Fr.

Contact us to request a PECO Clear & Free Hydrophilic Catheter sample at no cost!

Item# Description
PH212 12 FR, Male
PH214 14 FR, Male
PH216 16 FR, Male
PH218 18 FR, Male
Item# Description
PH208 8 FR, Pediatric
PH210 10 FR, Pediatric
Item# Description
PH210F 10 FR, Female
PH212F 12 FR, Female
PH214F 14 FR, Female
PH216F 16 FR, Female
PH218F 18 FR, Female