• Straight and Coude tips
  • Gentle for sensitive tissue
  • Sure-Grip® control
  • Color-coded by French size

Rochester Medical’s Magic 3® Intermittent catheters are the first intermittent catheters designed with their proprietary m3 technology, a blend of three separate all-silicone layers. Each layer of a Magic 3® catheter contributes to the design necessary for comfortable, easy, and reliable intermittent catheterization — gentle on tissue, easy insertion and controlled handling.

The non-coated Magic 3® catheter provides a superior level of care in a design that is easy to use in terms of both comfort and convenience. And, Magic 3®’s all-silicone design also eliminates the potential risks associated with latex and PVC catheters.

Magic 3® catheters feature:

  • Three-layer, all-silicon m3 technology
  • Straight or coude tips
  • No-touch insertion technique using Sure-Grip® control
  • Color-coded French sizing options

Available in sterile, single unit packages, Magic 3® can also be ordered in pre-connected kits that include additional benefits, like a drain port to eliminate spills.

Magic 3® is the next generation of catheter design by Rochester Medical, and it brings greater independence, comfort, and confidence to people who use intermittent catheterization.

Contact us to request a sample of the Magic3® intermittent catheter at no cost!

Item # Description
RM53310 10 fr, male
RM53312 12 fr, male
RM53314 14 fr, male
RM53316 16 fr, male
RM53318 18 fr, male
RM53320 20 fr, male
Item # Description
RM51310 10 fr, female
RM51312 12 fr, female
RM51314 14 fr, female
RM51316 16 fr, female
RM51318 18 fr, female
RM51320 20 fr, female
Item # Description
RM52306 6 fr, pediatric
RM52308 8 fr, pediatric
RM52310 10 fr, pediatric