• Magic3 all-silicone technology
  • Antibacterial properties to reduce UTI risk
  • Packaged individually or as a closed system

The Magic3® Antibacterial Catheter made by Rochester Medical offers all the benefits of Magic3 plus nitrofurazone, an antibacterial agent which is builted into the catheter’s outer surface. Nitrofurazone has proven effective against a variety of pathogens known to cause UTIs. No other manufacturer offers a silicone intermittent catheter with non-systemic antibacterial coating like the Magic3 Antibacterial Catheter.

The Magic3® Antibacterial Catheteris available in sterile, single unit packages as well as in pre-connected trays. Magic3® Antibacterial Catheteralso come in French sizes from 12 FR to 20 FR, and are made in 6 inch [Female], and 16 inch [Male] lengths.

Made entirely of silicone using Rochester Medical’s exclusive 3-layer construction, the Magic3 Antibacterial Catheter is significantly softer than ordinary plastic devices and eliminates the health risks associated with repeated exposure to latex or DEHP. Magic3® Antibacterial Catheters are latex-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free.

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Item # Description
RM53912 12 fr, male
RM53914 14 fr, male
RM53916 16 fr, male
RM53918 18 fr, male
RM53920 20 fr, male
Item # Description
RM51912 12 fr, female
RM51914 14 fr, female
RM51916 16 fr, female
RM51918 18 fr, female
RM51920 20 fr, female