• Latex Free All-Silicon M3 Technology
  • Antibacterial Properties to Reduce UTI Risk
  • Sterile Water Packet Included for Lubrication

The Magic3 Antibacterial Hydrophilic Catheter combines the properties of an antibacterial layer along with a hydrophilic coating and sterile water packet. This innovation gives you both comfort as well as protection from certain UTI causing pathogens.

As the antibacterial hydrophilic catheter includes a sterile water packet in the packaging there is no need for added lubrication. Once the packet is broken and the water makes contact with the catheter it activates the hydrophilic coating causing the catheter to become lubricated and virtually friction-free.

The Rochester Antibacterial Hydrophilic Catheter comes in both male and female lengths and ranges in size from 12 FR to 20 FR. Male lengths also come with the option of a Sure-Grip sleeve to aid in maintaining a handle on the catheter.


Item # Description
RM53512 12 FR, Male
RM53514 14 FR, Male
RM53516 16 FR, Male
RM53518 18 FR, Male
RM53520 20 FR, Male
Item # Description
RM53512G 12 FR, Male, Sure-Grip
RM53514G 14 FR, Male, Sure-Grip
RM53516G 16 FR, Male, Sure-Grip
RM53518G 18FR, Male, Sure-Grip
RM53520G 20 FR, Male, Sure- Grip
Item # Description
RM51512 12 FR, Female
RM51514 14 FR, Female
RM51516 16 Fr, Female
RM51518 18 FR, Female
RM51520 20 FR, Female