• Packaged with sterile water
  • Catheter with integrated collection bag
  • Straight or Coude insertion tips
  • For men, women or children

LoFric Hydro-Kit is a hydrophilic catheter system manufactured by Wellspect HealthCare [formerly Astra Tech].

The system includes the catheter, sterile water and an integrated urine collection bag, making it convenient for people who use wheelchairs as well as those who use catheters while seated or in bed. LoFric Hydro-Kit offers the freedom and reassurance to self-cath safely, whenever needed. Available in sizes for men, women and children.

LoFric Hydro-Kit features include:

  • Self-contained water sachet with sterile water. Simply press to activate.
  • Catheter tip comes in two different styles: straight and curved (Coudé).
  • Insertion guide. A firm grip without needing to touch the catheter with your fingers.
  • Urotonic™ Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort.
  • Smooth catheter eyes.
  • Graduated collection bag, 1000 ml.
  • Package loop used to hang the bag or insert your thumb to hold it. Tear to empty the bag.
  • Catheter may be separated from collection bag if necessary.
  • 100% Latex free

Contact us to request a sample of the Lofric Hydro-Kit at no cost!

How the LoFric Hydro-Kit Works

Item # Description
WH4200840 Male 8 Fr, 16"
WH4201040 Male 10 Fr, 16"
WH4201240 Male 12 Fr, 16"
WH4201440 Male 14 Fr, 16"
WH4201640 Male 16 Fr, 16"
WH4230840 Female 8 Fr, 8"
WH4231040 Female 10 Fr, 8"
WH4231240 Female 12 Fr, 8"
WH4231440 Female 14 Fr, 8"
WH4210840 Ped 08 Fr, 8"
WH4211040 Ped 10 Fr, 8"