• 70% More Adhesive
  • Maximum Wear Time
  • Latex-Free

The InView Extra contains 70% more adhesive than the traditional external catheter. This ensures that the catheter will stay in place and is ideal for active men.

Hollister’s InView series of external catheters are all made out of a soft silicone material, have a tapered tip nozzle so that they can attach with most leg and bed bags, are transparent in color in order for you to monitor your skins health, already have a gentle adhesive on the sheath of the catheter to ensure that they stay in place for long lasting wear time.

Contact us to request a Hollister InView Extra External Catheter sample at no cost!

Item # Description
HO97625 Small 25mm
HO97629 Medium 29mm
HO97632 Intermediate 32mm
HO97636 Large 36mm
HO97641 Extra Large 41mm