• New hydrophilic catheter
  • Reduces friction
  • Water sachet included
  • Touchless technique


hi-slip® is a new brand of hydrophilic urinary catheters that are now available for purchase in the United States. The hi-slip® catheter is made with a unique surface that offers up to 90% less friction than traditional catheters, with no additional lubricant necessary. hi-slip® plus catheters come with water sachets included in their packaging for convenient use.

hi-slip® products include hi-slip® plus Single Use Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter with water sachet, and hi-slip® full plus Single Use Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter with Insertion Supplies. hi-slip® catheters are designed for men, women and children, and come in a variety of French sizes.

Contact us to request a hi-slip® sample at no cost!

About MediCath LLC

MediCath LLC is the exclusive distributor of the hi-slip® hydrophilic urinary catheters and kits in the United States. MediCath is committed to providing products and services that benefit patients who need to perform intermittent catheterization to empty the bladder.

Item # Description
HSPM4008 8 fr, male
HSPM4010 10 fr, male
HSPM4012 12 fr, male
HSPM4014 14 fr, male
HSPM4016 16 fr, male
HSPM4018 18 fr, male
Item # Description
HSPF2008 8 fr, female
HSPF2010 10 fr, female
HSPF2012 12 fr, female
HSPF2014 14 fr, female
HSPF2016 16 fr, female
HSPF2018 18 fr, female
Item # Description
HSPP2006 6 fr, pediatric, female
HSPP2008 8 fr, pediatric, female
HSPP2010 10 fr, pediatric, female
Item # Description
HSPP3006 6 fr, pediatric, male
HSPP3008 8 fr, pediatric, male
HSPP3010 10 fr, pediatric, male