• Pre-lubricated – Ready to use
  • Patented gripping handle assists in use
  • Finger slots easily hold collection bag
  • Mini-Pak privacy bag for discreet disposal

MTG EZ-Gripper® is a pre-lubricated, closed system catheter that was designed to be used by anyone with limited hand dexterity. This is because the EZ-Gripper was developed to be used, without help from a caregiver, by people with spinal cord injuries (C4 and below) or Multiple Sclerosis. Its patented gripping handle, located outside of the EZ-Gripper® bag, allows for ease of use in self-catheterization.

MTG E-Z Gripper® Features

  • Pre-lubricated catheter with minimal set-up time
  • MTG introducer tip
  • Soft, fire polished, smooth eyelets (drainage holes) improve comfort while in use
  • The offset eyelets, located near the tip of the catheter, provide drainage from two points within the bladder
  • The MTG EZ-Advancer® valve secures the catheter after each forward movement, preventing accidental retraction back into the bag during self-catheterization
  • Available in 12, 14 & 16 FR, 16” length
  • 100% latex-free
  • Kit includes 1500 Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) clear, odor-free, alcohol-free, antiseptic wipe

What People Are Saying About MTG E-Z Gripper®

“I’m a C5 quadriplegic. I had to rely on others to cath me because it was impossible to cath myself with any other catheters. With the EZ-Gripper catheters, I have the independence that I’ve always wanted.” — Kyle

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Item # Description
MT50112 12 fr, single
MT50114 14 fr, single
MT50116 16 fr, single
Item # Description
MT52112 12 fr, kit
MT52114 14 fr, kit
MT52116 16 fr, kit