• Latex, DEHP and BPA free
  • Fire-polished eyelets
  • For men and women

With fire-polished eyelets, tip options and funnel ends, Cure Medical single-use catheters are designed for both men and women. The Cure Catheter for females is 6″ long. The Cure Catheter for males is 16” long, and available with either a straight or coude tip.

Every Cure Catheter® is 100% latex free, as Cure Medical does not produce any products that contain latex. In addition to being latex and BPA free, all Cure Medical products are DEHP free to prevent you from being exposed to the “known carcinogen” plasticizer found in most PVC catheters.

Cure Medical also donates 10% of their pretax profit to medical research in pursuit of a cure for spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders. When you choose Cure catheters, you support advances in medical science.

Contact us to request a sample of the sterile Cure Straight Intermittent Catheter at no cost!

Item # Description
CMM8 8 Fr, Male
CMM10 10 Fr, Male
CMM12 12 Fr, Male
CMM14 14 fr, Male
CMM16 16 Fr, Male
CMM18 18 Fr, Male
Item # Description
CMF8 8 Fr, Female
CMF10 10 Fr, Female
CMF12 12 Fr, Female
CMF14 14 fr, female
CMF14NC 14 fr, female (No Connector)
CMF16 16 fr, female
CMF18 18 Fr, Female