• Straight and Coude tips
  • Color-coded funnel ends
  • Peel-strip packaging
  • 100% latex free

The BARD® Clean-Cath® is a sterile intermittent catheter that is available in both straight and coude styles for easy insertion.  Individually sold in an easy-open, peel-strip package, the Clean-Cath® is 100% latex free. Clean-Cath® comes with a connector end and is also available with and without a funnel end [color-coded by size].

BARD® Clean-Cath® insertion tip options include:

Straight Tip

  • Range of sizes, 6 – 18 FR
  • Smooth, round tip for easy insertion

Coude Tip

  • Range of sizes, 10 – 18 FR
  • The Clean-Cath® Olive Coude tip catheter is easier to thread the catheter past the prostatic curve
  • Coude tip catheters are also helpful for insertion difficulties due to narrowing of the urethra and blockages in the urethra pathway

Contact us to request a sample of the BARD® Clean-Cath® intermittent catheter at no cost!

Item # Description
BA420706 6 fr, female
BA420708 8 fr, female
BA420710 10 fr, female
BA420712 12 fr, female
BA420714 14 fr, female
BA420716 16 fr, female
BA420718 18 fr, female
Item # Description
BA421708 8 fr, male
BA421710 10 fr, male
BA421712 12 fr, male
BA421714 14 fr, male
BA421716 16 fr, male
BA421718 18 fr, male
Item # Description
BA421108 8 fr, pediatric
BA421110 10 fr, pediatric
Item # Description
BA423710 10 fr, coude
BA423712 12 fr, coude
BA423714 14 fr, coude
BA423716 16 fr, coude
BA423718 18 fr, coude