• Shorter length for females
  • Fits easily into your purse
  • Mini-Pak privacy bag for discreet disposal
  • Made in USA

Until recently, women were required to rely on the same urinary catheter as men, especially when it came to options for closed system, intermittent catheters. That’s why we’re glad to share the MTG Cath-Lean® with you!  Designed for a women’s body, the MTG Cath-Lean® closed system helps to reduce your risk for UTIs while its’ convenient size offers privacy and discretion.

MTG Cath-Lean® Features

  • Pre-lubricated catheter with minimal set-up time
  • MTG introducer tip is designed to reduce Urinary Tract Infections [UTIs].
  • MTG EZ-Advancer value ensures the catheter stays in place.
  • The Mini-Pak wrapper tucks quickly and easily inside your purse.
  • Soft, fire polished, smooth eyelets (drainage holes) increase comfort during use.
  • The offset eyelets, located near the tip of the catheter, provide drainage from two points within the bladder.
  • Available in 12 &  14 FR, 6” length
  • 100% latex-free and DEHP-free
  • Kit includes 700 ml catheter bag, as well as Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) clear, odor-free, alcohol-free, antiseptic wipe.
  • Made in USA

What People Are Saying About MTG Cath-Lean®
” I am a C5-6 incomplete quadriplegic, and have been using MTG catheters for about a year now. For quadriplegics that don’t have good hand use, MTG offers a grip that is much easier when it comes to insertion. The best thing I like about the MTG Cath-Lean® is they are easy to use and even come with a privacy bag. Going to public bathrooms, the bags work wonderfully!” – Alli

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Item # Description
MT40412 12 fr, female, single
MT40414 14 fr, female, singl
Item # Description
MT42412 12 fr, female, kit
MT42414 14 fr, female, kit