• Flexible Funnel for easier handling
  • Guide notch indicates coude tip position
  • Same Apogee quality and comfort you expect

The Apogee IC in the Apogee Essentials line is an extension of the Apogee family of intermittent catheters. The Apogee IC provides the same quality and comfort as the traditional line of Apogee catheters and includes some added benefits. The Essentials feature a flexible funnel end which aids in maintaining a solid grip on the catheter. The coude Essentials contain a larger notch on the funnel to indicate the correct coude tip position.

Like the traditional Apogee intermittent cathter, Apogee IC is latex free and non-lubricated. Lubrication must be added before use. The Apogee IC comes in three lengths: 6”, 10” and 16” for female, pediatric and male users in 6Fr-8Fr.

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Item # Description
HO10806 8Fr, Female
HO11006 10Fr, Female
HO11206 12Fr, Female
HO11406 14Fr, Female
HO11446 14Fr, Female, No Funnel
HO10610 6Fr, Pediatric
HO10810 8Fr, Pediatric
HO11010 10Fr, Pediatric
HO10616 6Fr, Male
HO10816 8Fr, Male
HO11016 10Fr, Male
HO11216 12Fr, Male
HO11416 14Fr, Male
HO11616 16Fr, Male
HO11816 18Fr, Male
Item # Description
HO10826 8Fr, Coude
HO11026 10Fr, Coude
HO11226 12Fr, Coude
HO11426 14Fr, Coude
HO11626 16Fr, Coude
HO11826 18Fr, Coude