• Pre-lubricated, side loaded catheter
  • Smooth eyelets
  • Integrated 1500ml collection bag


The Apogee Plus Touch Free Intermittent Catheter System combines the latest advancements in catheter design with unique features to help reduce urinary tract infections while giving the flexibility and control you need to manage your urology care with confidence.

Apogee Plus offers a protective tip that helps protect the catheter tip from exposure to bacteria in the initial 15mm of the urethral opening and helps reduce the risk of carrying bacteria up into the urinary system. The smooth eyelets help provide maximum comfort during insertion and removal. The pre-lubricated and side loaded catheter is designed to be easier to advance and reduce urine backflow. Unless noted, Apogee Plus is latex-free.

The Apogee Plus Touch Free Intermittent Catheter includes:

  • Lubrication
    The top portion of the Apogee closed system intermittent catheter contains a water-based lubrication to reduce friction during insertion and to prevent clogged eyelets.
  • Construction
    The Apogee closed system includes a side loaded catheter to help minimize the risk of urine backflow and a rectangular collection bag to evenly distribute the weight of a full bag after use.
  • Hygiene
    The Apogee closed system is opened with a round cap that is intended for easy removal and replacement. The easy-to-use cap protects the protective tip.
  • No-touch insertion
    With a protective tip and collection bag, Apogee Plus eliminates direct hand contact with the catheter, helping guard against bacterial contamination.


Contact us to request a Hollister Apogee Plus catheter sample at no cost!


Item # Description
B6F 6 fr, firm
B8F 8 fr, firm
B10F 10 fr, firm
B12C 10 fr, coude
B12F 12 fr, firm
B12R 12 fr, red rubber
B12S 12 fr, soft
B14C 14 fr, coude
B14F 14 fr, firm
B14F-Female 14 fr, female
B14R 14 fr, red rubber
B14s 14 fr, soft
B16C 16 fr, coude
B16F 16 fr, firm
B16R 16 fr, red rubber
B18F 18 fr, firm
Item # Description
B6fb 6 fr, firm, kit
B8FB 8 fr, firm, kit
B10FB 10 fr, firm, kit
B12CB 12 fr, coude, kit
B12FB 12 fr, firm, kit
B12RB 12 fr, red rubber, kit
B12SB 12 fr, soft, kit
B14CB 14 fr, coude, kit
B14FB 14 fr, firm, kit
B14FB-FEMALE 14 fr, female, kit
B14RB 14 fr, red rubber, kit
B14SB 14 fr, soft, kit
B16CB 16 fr, coude, kit
B16FB 16 fr, firm, kit
B16RB 16 fr, red rubber, kit
B18FB 18 fr, firm, kit