Spina bifida is the most common type of disability causing birth defect. More than 70,000 children in the United States have spina bifida.

Children with spina bifida often need to use intermittent catheterization or take other medical steps for bladder management. Spina bifida can cause children to be born with spinal defects which damage nerve function and affect bladder or bowel functions.

Spina Bifida Educational Resources

UroMed offers a variety of kid-friendly educational resources to help children with spina bifida in understanding how to properly handle their urinary or bowel management programs. If you’d like one of our videos, brochures or coloring books for your child, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to send these free materials directly to you.

The Spina Bifida Association [SBA] also provides a wealth of educational materials designed for both parents and children. Many of their health resources can assist with bowel and bladder programs. The educational video below was developed by the SBA in conjunction with Hollister Incorporated to assist parents in identifying UTIs in children.

Learn about Urinary Tract Infections in Children with Neurogenic Bladder & Bowel

Spina Bifida Support Resources

Click here for a list of medical clinics that specialize in spina bifida care and treatment nationwide. This list is provided courtesy of the SBA.

The Spina Bifida Association also offers a variety of family-centered programs through their nationwide network of chapters and support groups. Spina Bifida Association chapters deliver public and professional education, information, and support on a community level.
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UroMed Community Giving

UroMed is a strong supporter of Spina Bifida Association chapters nationwide.  Visit UroMed’s Community Giving page to stay informed on upcoming UroMed sponsored charitable events near you.