LASCI Community Offers Advice to Newly Injured Spinal Cord Patients

by Lisa

UroMed has a vibrant peer support community, known as Life After Spinal Cord Injury, that exists to encourage and motivate others to connect with new friends and resources after SCI.  With more than 52,000 friends on Facebook, LASCI has daily posts that entertain and engage our audience.  A recent post turned the tables though and invited LASCI followers to share their advice for people who are newly injured with SCI.


LASCI asked: What are your best words of advice, in five words or less, for someone who is new to using a wheelchair and trying to get used to life on wheels?

Here’s what our community offered in terms of advice and wise perspective:

• Do what you usually like to do. Just find a new way.
• Think outside the box. Greet the world & realize all you still have that makes you so happy!!
• Life is short. Wheel hard.
• Get rid of your carpet!
• Life has no limits, even on wheels!
• Don’t let it be Who You Are. First you are YOU, and all those amazing gifts and talents, you still hold inside you. The chair is just there, like your freckles or scars etc.
• I know it is more than five words…but just know that it is not a burden to the people who you love helping you out with things.
• Learn to do things your way!!
• It could be worse. You are here for family . Life is beautiful. Love yourself. You are a soldier!
• Your wheelchair doesn’t define you.
• As my dear Alexandria would say after one year of her spinal cord injury, “just roll with it”
• When you pass strangers, look them in the eyes, smile, and say hello!
• Don’t be afraid to improvise and adapt! You can always find a way to be an active part of your child’s life!
• Perseverance, faith, understanding, hope,family
• Always be happy, be strong. Life goes on.
• I can do more and faster on a wheelchair than with crutches.
• Positive attitude takes you anywhere.
• There’s always someone worse off.
• One day at a time. Or our family motto: 1 moment, 1 prayer, 1 day
• There are no limits ever!
• Life is an adventure.
• It does NOT define YOU!
• Adapt and overcome. Or if there is a will, there is a way.
• Never give up, laugh often.
• Every breath you take is a reason to believe.
• Forget everything you know and start again.
• Nothing’s changed, you just do it all sitting down.
• You are not the chair. The chair is just a means to get around. Never give up being who you are.
• You can do things anyway!
• You only have two choices; 1:good attitude 2: bad attitude Choose a GOOD attitude everyday!!!
• Keeping going and never give up if there is a will there is way
• Do what you want just do it differently! You’ll do fine, take it slow!
• There is a wonderful magazine called New Mobility free for 1 year, they are on your side.
• Figure out your new normal!
• It’s all about adjusting! We all did it, and you will too!!!
• Learn to think outside the box.
• Pick your favorite colors for the wheelchair frame, then splash in the mud puddles, skate on the ice, race on pavement, and jump from a plane!
• Do what you do and of course roll out.
• There’s nothing you can’t do.
• Be yourself in all things
• Don’t let anything stop you!
• Ride it like you stole it.. Push hard, leave tracks!
• Stay strong for your family, prove to everyone you are not broken and can be a productive desired asset to society.
• Get gloves with padding or gel support on palms. No carpet and remove throw rugs.
• Save wheelies for next year.
• In the end, we get to be bold or be a victim. The choice we make will decide how we see the world. That choice alone seals our path. So may I suggest to us all…..Be bold!
• Have patience with yourself.
• It’s easy to get depressed…spend your time doing things that make you happy!
• Try Not to be Mean/Nasty.
• Find what you want most
• Make sure to buckle up!
• Find role models on wheels.
• Duct tape is your friend.
• One hour at a time.
• Be patient with yourself, breathe.
• Care less, laugh more.
• A good sense of humour helps.
• Buy leather gloves; keep rolling!
• Jesus take the wheel!
• Ask for help, if needed
• #nevergiveupongoals
• Use your imagination…it works!!

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