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Do I need a prescription from my doctor before ordering from UroMed?

All medical supply items billed to and covered by Medicare, Medicaid or a commercial insurance company require a physician’s prescription prior to dispensing. The good news is that UroMed takes care of all of the medical information necessary before processing your order!

A UroMed representative will contact you for your healthcare provider’s contact information and we will request the prescription from your physician on your behalf. If you already have a written prescription, you may send it to us by fax at 1-800-450-7852.

What happens if my insurance changes?

Please contact UroMed Customer Service at 1-800-841-1233 as soon as possible if you have any changes in your insurance coverage, so that we can arrange for the proper billing of your medical supplies and avoid potential delays in your supply shipments.

Do you accept my insurance?

UroMed files directly with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. UroMed conducts a thorough insurance verification and works with our customers throughout the entire billing process. For more information, Verify Your Insurance

Order Placement

Can I return products that I don’t want or need?

UroMed will accept product returns up to 30 days from the original date of shipment. All returned products should be in the original unopened package and will be inspected prior to return to inventory. Please contact the UroMed Customer Service Department for return shipment instructions.

What if I forget to order my supplies?

UroMed contacts our customers on a scheduled basis to ensure you do not run out of supplies.  If you prefer email or text reminders, we can quickly set you up for those notifications.

Do I need to contact you to reorder my supplies?

This depends on your insurance, but almost all insurance companies require that you verify monthly your product needs before an order can be processed.  We make it as simple as possible by phone, email, web and mobile applications.


What type of catheters do you provide?

UroMed provides a wide selection of catheters in various sizes, ( 6-18 French) straight or coude tipped, hydrophilic, closed systems, external , or intermittent.