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SpeediCath, the world’s first ready-to-use hydrophilic-coated catheter.  Easy to carry, store and use.  The catheter comes pre-hydrated in a ready-to-use package.  Therefore; no need to wait for the catheter to hydrate.  Hydrophilic coating is bound to catheter.  Polished eyelets for even greater comfort. Uncoated Grip Zone area for total control in handling.  This device is not made with natural rubber latex and is DEHP and phthalate free. The unique SpeediCath design offers offer safe and simple catherization for both men and women.

SpeediCath Enhancements
Recent improvements to the Speedicath packaging make this hydrophilic catheter even easier to use and dispose. It’s now easier to separate the foil layers thanks to the shorter length of the under layer. It’s also easier to open the packaging and access the catheter because of a stronger, larger ring-pull.

The packaging is softer to the touch which lessens the risk of finger cuts. This is due to a significant reduction of aluminium. The reduced aluminium content minimizes the product’s environmental impact. In fact, the amount of aluminium saved by a SpeediCath user over the course of a year is equivalent to about 150 soft drink cans.

And, you’ll appreciate less mess with Speedicath, as the spill risk has been reduced by halving the amount of saline solution contained in the packaging.

Contact us to request a SpeediCath sample at no cost!


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